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We have 1 garage space for sale, within a parking lot, in one of the most residential neighborhoods of Madrid, such as Berruguete, within the Tetuán district. A neighborhood that is growing more and more in the number of newly built buildings, most of them residential, and consequently, in the number of inhabitants.

Due to this, the difficulties to find parking, on the street, are increasingly complicated and it is necessary to have a parking space. In addition, we must not forget that we are facing a SER (Regulated Parking Service) zone and, therefore, we must pay the Madrid City Council for parking on the street.

The garage space, apart from having a very cheap price, is located on the second basement floor.

It measures between 4.60 m long and between 2.08 and 2.23 m wide, with the lowest floor-to-ceiling height being 1.94 m.

The vehicle entrance and exit door opens when the remote control is operated and folds up. It measures 2.86 m, with a height from floor to ceiling of 2.35 m.

We arrive at the garage space that is sold, from the vehicle, going down a ramp with a width of 2.98 m., At the end we reach the first floor and then descend another ramp with a width of 2.98 m and enter the second basement floor.

Regarding the characteristics of the parking, comment that the walls are painted in smooth paint in 3 colors: red, white and gray. Light through fluorescent lamps. Pressed concrete floor except for the entrance and exit ramp of the parking lot, which is paved. Regarding fire extinguishing, there is a hydrant, powder extinguishers and a fire alarm. To go from the parking lot to the building we find fire doors with panic bars. The entrance and exit of pedestrians, inside the building, is through an internal staircase and an elevator (the elevator descends directly to each of the floors that make up the parking lot. parking on the street, there is a traffic light that warns us if the road is clear; as there is another traffic light at the entrance door of the parking lot.

The parking is made up of two basement floors. Between the two floors, 38 parking spaces can be counted, listed from 1 to 38, which are distributed as follows: the first basement floor houses 18 parking spaces listed from 1 to 18 and the second floor of Basement contains 20 parking spaces, numbered 19 through 38.

Each of the spaces is delimited by separation lines painted on the floor in white and the corresponding number belonging to each of the garage spaces is graphed on the wall of each of the spaces.

As we have said before, Tetouan immerses itself, especially at night, in the law of the jungle: drivers get to spend up to half an hour wandering around in search of a square. In the end, you get to invade the sidewalks and the zebra crossings.

Therefore, buying a garage space is a very useful investment, first for ourselves and, second, if tomorrow you are going to sell a home, it will always be better if said sale has the option of a garage space.

We are going to develop a brief description to learn more about the interesting Berruguete neighborhood:

Berruguete is a neighborhood of the District of Tetuán, located in the northwest of the city of Madrid and named after Berruguete Street, in honor of the well-known Palencia sculptor Alonso Berruguete. Its limits are Marqués de Viana Street and Paseo de la Dirección to the north, Francos Rodríguez Street to the south, Bravo Murillo Street to the east and Ofelia Nieto Street to the west.

Berruguete provides us with popular streets, small businesses, nearby neighborhoods and a neighborhood, because it is above all that, a neighborhood made up of people. A densely populated neighborhood, since its 25 thousand inhabitants occupy a space of 60.71 hectares, which gives a total of 426 inhabitants per hectare.

 Marqués de Viana street to the northwest is a street that mediates between Sor Ángela de la Cruz and Villaamil, which is one of the most important streets in the neighborhood. This street refers to the Marquisate of Viana. It is a wide street that contrasts with most of the streets in the Berruguete neighborhood, although there are other wide streets that also do so, such as Ofelia Nieto or, obviously, Bravo Murillo street.

In this neighborhood, we find the Playa Victoria Municipal Sports Center. This sports center is managed directly by the Madrid City Council and has outdoor paddle tennis courts, a 25-meter indoor pool, a weight room, a multipurpose room usually occupied by a gym and two adapted saunas so that they can be used by disabled people.

The Plaza del Canal de Isabel II, also popularly called “Plaza de las Palomas”, has the shape of a triangle whose one of its sides also has an angle. This fact makes it, -if you want to be more exact in the description-, a diamond. This square is one of those spaces that, on a regular basis, appear on the margins of the streets most traveled by cars and pedestrians as a kind of space to relieve the pressure of a highly charged environment.

The street of Villaamil emerges right in the place where the street of Lope de Haro meets the street of Francos Rodríguez. It heads north-west and, crossing Calle de Ofelia Nieto, ends up meeting Calle de Sor Ángela de la Cruz, next to Camino del Chorrillo and where it passes under Calle de Sinesio Delgado.

Villaamil Street is an important and populous road that almost divides the entire Berruguete neighborhood in two. Despite this importance, it is not a street with wide sidewalks, but a somewhat uncomfortable road full of small businesses and a good influx of pedestrians.



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