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In the popular district of Salamanca in Madrid, within the Barrio de Lista, we sell a garage for sale. Being a neighborhood with difficulties to park, it is essential to have a parking space, otherwise it would be possible to find a significant problem every time we wanted to find a parking space in the area.

To get to the parking space that we sell is done as follows: by means of remote control, we open the door of the street that is foldable (upwards) and we enter the parking lot. From here, we start down a series of ramps until we reach the third basement floor that is where the square is located. In relation to the surface: it is 36 m² built (including common elements), the useful area being 12.25 m².
It measures 4.89 m long and 2.33 m wide, although most of the square has a width of 2.53 m., The lowest height (from floor to ceiling) is 2.13 m.

For pedestrians there is an exit and entrance through an elevator that takes us from the portal of the building to its parking space.
As mentioned above, this garage is located in Barrio de Lista (in the district of Salamanca) in a modern building, built in 2007.
It is a very popular and varied area where the residential area is mixed with the business area, through offices and commercial premises. All this makes it very difficult to find street parking. It is also, without a doubt, one of the most elegant neighborhoods in Madrid. In its wide streets full of stately buildings you can find all kinds of shops, supermarkets and restaurants.



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