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REF: AF-727

Inside a building from the 70s, inside the basement, there is a 367 m² built and 300 m² useful space for garage distributed in 7 parking spaces for vehicles and 10 parking spaces for motorcycles.

It is accessed from the street through an automatic, folding iron door, which also has a pedestrian door. The width of the door is 2.98 m and the height is 2.56 m.

Once we go through the front door, we come to a street with a downward ramp with a distance, in width (from wall to wall), ranging from 3.02 m to 3.11 m. Before turning a curve we find a parking space for vehicles and in the continuation (ramp down to the final garage floor) you can see 1 motorcycle space.

Next, we access the main floor of the premises where the rest of the squares are located. Currently, 1 double garage space for 2 cars is marketed (one large and one medium with the following characteristics, measurements and surface area: 8.68 mx 2.28 m = 19.79 m², with a height at its lowest point of  2,60 m.

Linda on the front, with a community street for vehicles, on the left, with a wall / wall, on the right with the parking space for car No. 2 and a vehicle street and on the background with a wall / wall. The place has a toilet on the main floor.

Located in the Salamanca / Fuente El Berro area, mainly commercial, which makes parking difficult. If we add to this that it is also a residential area, the impossibility of finding a parking space easily increases.


Salamanca-Fuente del Berro

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Salamanca-Fuente del Berro


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