REF: VF-740

One of the biggest concerns that residents of the downtown neighborhoods of Madrid have is where to park their vehicles. In the street it is very complicated because of the limited space available for it and, finding a parking space, it also has its difficulty, it is not easy to have a car park nearby and, sometimes, there are free parking spaces that are not suitable for our car .

In a complicated area such as the Retiro, near the Barrio de Salamanca, we currently have a parking space for sale, inside a parking lot with a large volume of parking spaces, where it is very difficult to get one available because it is an area considered of great difficulty when it comes to finding parking.

Located on a third floor of the basement, the entrance to the parking lot would be through automatic door opening, to go, then, down, in curvilinear tracing, until you reach the garage that we are selling.

For its dimensions 4.56 m x 1.76 m is designed to park a car of medium size.

The entrance to the parking is for a different access to the exit.

In a pedestrian way we access by a stately building that has concierge service and several lifts to move to the parking plant.

Due to the scarcity of supply that is found in the area, it is important that they visit it as soon as possible. It is difficult to go to the market, sales a place of these characteristics.



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