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We currently have a commercial premises, for sale and rent, with access from the street, which is located in the Prosperidad neighborhood, within the Chamartín district.

Located on the ground floor. It is accessed by stairs. Much of the premises is open and has the following dependencies, apart from the open-plan commercial area: 4 offices, 2 toilets (one double) and 1 bathroom.

Regarding the qualities: terrazzo floors in the commercial area, wood laminate in the offices and stoneware in the toilets and bathroom. Smooth paint on walls except in the toilets and bathroom that are platelet. In relation to the ceilings: mix between false ceiling and original ceiling, most of the lighting is through light screens.

It has a showcase, at the entrance of the premises, on each side, through aluminum cabinets. This allows the premises to contain a facade of approximately 3 m, with an access passage of around 2 m.

Another advantage of the premises, apart from visibility, is the automatic opening that has been incorporated. In this way, by means of a remote control, the closure of the same can be opened.

This place is considered for those who need to have a large commercial area or for those who want to have a commercial area and another area to store the product.

Prosperidad is one of the neighborhoods that make up the Chamartín district, in the north of Madrid.

Its limits are, on the north, Ramón y Cajal avenue; to the east, Avenida de la Paz; to the southeast, Avenida de América; to the south, María de Molina street; to the west, Calle del Príncipe de Vergara; and, to the northwest, López de Hoyos street and Padre Claret street.

López de Hoyos street, very extensive, offers a wide variety of shops. In the northeast corner of Prosperidad is the Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente Park, dedicated to the famous defender of nature.

Thanks to its location next to the M-30 motorway, the neighborhood is easily accessible by car. There is also good bus and metro communication (Avenida de América, Cartagena, Prosperidad, Alfonso XIII and Avenida de la Paz).

Apart from being an eminently commercial area, it is also a residential area par excellence: there are plenty of residential buildings in which, in most cases, there are commercial premises on the ground floor, without forgetting the hotel zone that is located on Avenida de América itself and in the surroundings.

Year of construction. 1,970

Public transport: Metro (Stations of: Alfonso XIII and Prosperidad). Buses: (Lines: 9, 43, 72, 73 and N2).


Chamartín - Prosperidad

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350.000 €

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