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The complications of parking in the capital are nothing new. But never before has it been among residents’ biggest concerns.

The issue has been accentuated over the last year, after the sidewalks were widened, new bike lanes were built and public spaces were readjusted to accessibility regulations.

The seriousness of the problem is exemplified by the lack of places in regulated parking areas. According to the Madrid City Council, more than 234,000 cards have been granted for residents between green and blue areas. However, there are only slightly less than 154,000 places available.

Remaining about 80,252 vehicles with no place to park on public roads in the nine most central districts of Madrid. That is, the districts of Arganzuela, Chamberí, Centro, Chamartín, Moncloa, Fuencarral, Salamanca, Retiro and Tetuán.

Although the vast majority of investors choose to purchase homes, more and more are opting for alternative assets. A very attractive type of investment for savers, due to its high profitability.

Among those other assets we find garages and parking spaces in large cities.

Symbolic currently has a parking space in one of the most conflictive areas to find parking, such as Argüelles within the Moncloa district.

Located next to Princesa Street, next to the Corte Inglés, inside a residential and office building, with a concierge service and elevators that go directly to the garage floors.

There is a single entry and exit of vehicles, through a tilting door that is operated by remote control either from the street when entering or from the car park when leaving.

The garage space for sale is located on the third floor of the basement with the following measurements: 4.70 m long x 2.17 m wide (these are the lowest measurements since part of the square has a length of 4.86 m and a width of 2.30 m). Regarding the height from floor to ceiling, within the plaza, the most unfavorable is 1.98 m and the most favorable 2.13 m.

All the parking floors communicate with the building, either by means of a pedestrian staircase or by elevators. In total there are four basement floors that provide, among all, sixty-four parking spaces.

Regarding the qualities and characteristics, we comment on the following: smooth paint walls in three colors (red, gray and white), well-pressed concrete floors and each of the parking spaces is delimited by lines painted on the colored floor yellow. We also appreciate the fire alarm facilities, as well as the fire extinguisher system located on each of the floors and panic access doors to the interior of the building.

With all the above, whether they live or work in the area, as well as if they are investors, they should not miss the opportunity to visit this garage.



Argüelles-Pintor Rosales

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