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Children’s rooms in winter: How to make sure that our children do not get cold?

29 Nov
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Sleeping through the night with the heating on would be the easy answer to the question of how to keep our children from getting cold at night in the months to come, until the good weather returns. But it is not good advice. And not only from an economic or ecological point of view, but also from a general well-being. In fact, highly heated environments tend to feel overwhelmed and dry. We give you some clues to condition children’s rooms in winter.

If you are one of those who takes away the sleep that your children do not get cold in their children’s rooms during the winter, you just have to follow some very simple tips to implement at home

There are several tricks that can help us, to make your rooms warmer and more welcoming, without having to resort to the air conditioning system of our home all the time.

The most decisive point to take into account so that our children do not suffer the cold in their rooms at night is, without a doubt, the bedding and textile accessories.

Whether we opt for a duvet or a duvet cover, the important thing is that we choose the warmest ones, with fillings that help to reach and maintain very warm temperatures.

It is also advisable to make sure that duvets or quilts have the appropriate size to be able to hook them under the mattress. In other words, they must have enough margin so that they do not end up on the floor or curled up in the middle of the bed.

Those that remain loose will not fulfill the function of a good coat that we are looking for.

Without leaving the field of textile accessories for the bed, we can complete the clothing with flannel sheets, for example, which radiate comfort and warmth as soon as we come into contact with them. Placing a fleece or wool blanket over the duvet, so they can use it if they spend time in the room during the day, is not a bad idea either.

Once we have chosen and placed the textile elements with which we get the most cozy and warm bed, we must not forget to think about some other decoration details. Certain plugins will also help us.

The choice of textile elements such as sheets, blankets, duvets and rugs is key to getting cozy and warm children’s rooms to spend the winter

A very soft carpet at the foot of the bed, for example, will protect children from the cold that can come from the floor, in addition to the cozy feeling that comes from resting our feet on it when we get up.

Putting curtains on the windows will also help insulate from the cold coming from outside the building. Likewise, placing the bed away from these openings, if the distribution of the children’s room allows it, will be key. It is best to place it attached to a non-exterior wall, which is shared with another room in the house or with the adjoining house.

Some soulless walls do not collaborate in the mission of fighting the winter cold in the bedrooms of the children of the house. Therefore, another advice to follow is to avoid minimalism in these rooms and place shelves, or other storage furniture and decorative objects such as paintings, photos, prints, etc.

After the decoration of the children’s rooms in winter, we still have some advice to ensure that our children do not get cold. Turning on the heating for a while before they go to sleep and programming it to start working a little before their wake-up time, or ventilating the room at the warmest time of day and for a few minutes, are just some examples.


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