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Descaling: measures to be taken within a community of neighbors

20 Jun
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Living in a neighborhood community implies a series of obligations that affect all the people who are in the same building. Both in confinement and in de-escalation there are rules and measures to be taken in a community of neighbors.

Spain is the country with the most neighboring communities in the entire European Union. According to Eurostat data, more than 65% of Spaniards live in buildings that house more than one home. For this reason, it is essential to know these measures and apply them for the health and safety of all residents in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thus, and since the State of Alarm was decreed on March 14, the neighboring communities have adapted to the measures imposed by the Government, and with the start of the de-escalation, there is more flexibility and also care. The cooperation and support of the neighbors have been key to prevent the spread of the virus within the communities.

Maximum hygiene and cleanliness

According to the Seville City Council, cleaning companies or employees of Urban Farms or those responsible for cleaning should proceed to clean more frequently and with disinfecting products in addition to the usual cleaning products, especially knobs and doorknobs, electrical switches, railings and handrails, exterior of mailboxes, door entry keypad and elevator, as well as counters. And, whenever the surface permits, use 0.1% sodium hypochlorite (active ingredient in the bleach), as it is shown to be effective in disinfecting the new coronavirus.

Use of common areas

In the confinement, the use of common areas in the neighborhood community was prohibited. These measures are becoming more flexible, although, according to the General Council of Colleges of Property Administrations, in most communities there are no responsible personnel in charge of controlling the use of recreational facilities and the 30% capacity order.

It is very difficult to coordinate a community pool by appointment or reservation, especially since that would require more staff and increased community costs. The situation will imply an economic effort for the owners because the maintenance costs of the pool and cleaning of common spaces will increase.

Keeping distance

We must maintain a distance of at least two meters between people when we are in common areas, such as the goal, entrances and exits of the building between neighbors.

House cleaning

In addition to cleaning the building, it is important to carry out daily cleaning of each house, this carried out by each neighbor, and also the exterior of this, which is usually done by a company, doorman or the neighbors themselves.

Use of the elevator?

The elevator must be used individually and with the necessary hand protection. Although other professionals recommend avoiding its use and going up the stairs, we also encourage physical exercise.

This is because the elevators, like other common objects or spaces in the neighboring community, are not free of germs and microorganisms such as the coronavirus. In the protocol of the BOE of last May 16 of the administrators of estates it is established that “when in the centers, entities, premises and establishments provided for in this order there is an elevator or forklift, its use will be limited to the essential minimum and the stairs. When it is necessary to use them, the maximum occupancy of them will be one person, unless it is possible to guarantee the separation of two meters between them, or in those cases of people who may require assistance, in which case their use will also be permitted. companion”.

Inside the elevator, the measures are to avoid touching the buttons without protection in the hands or in any case, subsequent hand washing and not touching our faces after having touched the elevator’s doors or buttons. And according to the Madrid City Council, when going out with children, its use is recommended by a single family group (adult and up to three children).

Helping older neighbors and more vulnerable people

It is established to help older neighbors or more vulnerable people to make purchases, and prevent them from being exposed to possible contagions. Although the common spaces have stopped being used and the interaction between the neighbors has been decreasing every day; solidarity, cooperation and camaraderie among the inhabitants of the communities has generated a sense of belonging never seen before.

Heed the recommendations

It is also advisable to follow the recommendations and information displayed on the community bulletin board. With the de-escalation they vary, especially uses of the common areas, and it is convenient to know what must be done at any time.


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