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How will the current crisis that we are experiencing affect coworking spaces?

20 Jun

The months of confinement and the new security and social distancing measures have cast doubt on this model. However, experts believe that ‘coworking’ will continue to grow in Spain. Coworking and flex spaces have been experiencing significant growth in Spain for several years. The arrival of the pandemic and measures of social distancing have questioned this office model based on…

The substitution of licenses in the field of building and urban planning will cause legal uncertainty

20 Jun

Given the legal initiatives taken by various autonomous communities to reactivate the economy at the cost of relaxing the administrative controls established in their respective land laws, the Superior Council of the Colleges of Architects of Spain (CSCAE) and the General Council of Technical Architecture of Spain (CGATE) warn that the generalization of responsible declarations and previous communications, as substitutes…

The conversion of commercial premises into homes is gaining support in our country

20 Jun

The conversion of commercial premises into housing has been accentuated in recent weeks as a consequence of the closings that are taking place in the market. The latest studies indicate that probably 40% of commercial premises will be available in the coming months, those who meet the conditions to become a home become part of the real estate offer. For…

Changes in the real estate sector after the covid-19: digitization and open spaces in housing

20 Jun

Several real estate experts have debated the changes that the sector will undergo after the covid-19 pandemic in a digital meeting organized by the Círculo de Empresarios de Galicia. The digitization of ‘real estate’ has been the most repeated speech during the talk in which the importance of open spaces in post-coronavirus housing and of the last mile in the…

In Spain 85% of the landlords are small owners affected by the health crisis

20 Jun

In Spain 85% of the landlords of habitual residence in Spain are private individuals, which is why they, like the tenants, have been victims of the defaults produced as a result of the epidemic. This was highlighted yesterday at the special covid online conference that analyzed on June 18, the “Legal developments and practical problems in housing leases adopted by…

Descaling: measures to be taken within a community of neighbors

20 Jun

Living in a neighborhood community implies a series of obligations that affect all the people who are in the same building. Both in confinement and in de-escalation there are rules and measures to be taken in a community of neighbors. Spain is the country with the most neighboring communities in the entire European Union. According to Eurostat data, more than…

Notaries request that they approve wills and powers by videoconference

20 Jun

The coronavirus crisis has prompted the search for all kinds of technological solutions, even in matters as apparently complex as making a will or granting a power of attorney for someone else to carry out a procedure on their own behalf. José Corral, dean of the Notarial College of Cantabria and spokesman for the General Council of Notaries, the body…

The first horizontal skyscraper opens in China. Admirable for its design

19 Jun

In the impressive Raffles City residential, office, hotel and shopping complex in Chongqing, China, Crystal has just opened, a horizontal skyscraper 300 meters long and 250 meters high. It is suspended over four of the eight towers of this complex, which expects to receive more than 3,000 visitors a day. This horizontal skyscraper, designed by Safdie Arquitects, has taken eight…


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