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We are responsible, not only, for giving information, but also for carrying out the steps involved in renting property.

The deposit, in leases for use of housing, is constituted by means of a rent monthly.

In leases for use other than housing (Business premises, offices, garages not linked in contract to a house), the deposit is formalized by means of 2 monthly rent.

It is obligatory to deposit the deposit in the Public Authority authorized for this purpose. In Madrid, for example, it is deposited in the Institute of the Housing of Madrid (IVIMA) located in the Basilica Street nº23 of Madrid.

In relation to the expenses: the lessee has the obligation to pay the Transfer Tax of inheritance: is calculated based on the amount of the rent to be paid. Covers the period of 3 years.

If the tenant is obliged subject of VAT (Value Added Tax) does not have to pay this tax.

Apart from the deposit, the landlord may request an additional guarantee, which may consist of a deposit, bank guarantee, include guarantors, etc. With this, they try to find a security or coverage for the case of non-payment of rent or supplies (electricity, gas, water, etc …).

In relation to the aids and benefits to the rent: in some campaigns help to the rent of housing: normally they are state and autonomous helps, as main requirement the landlord has to have deposited the deposit in the Autonomous Organism corresponding. A part must meet a number of economic requirements.

The landlord currently has a deduction of 60% in income (IRPF).

If you need advice for the rental of your property, leave us your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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