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SymbolicBlogNoticias42,000 million euros: investment in housing of golf tourists in Spain

42,000 million euros: investment in housing of golf tourists in Spain

29 Nov
Symbolic Sunday November 29th, 2020 0

A total of 283,000 homes are owned by golfing tourists. Andalusia and the Valencian Community account for 70% of the real estate investment of tourists who come to Spain to practice this sport.

23.9% of foreign tourists who come to Spain to play golf stay in their second residence. The value of the real estate investment of the tourist practicing this sport in our country is estimated at 42,000 million euros. This figure multiplies by more than four the investment of the average tourist who travels to Spain, 5% of whom stay in a home they own. By autonomous community, Andalusia is the destination for which investors bet the most, reaching a total of 15,083 million euros, 36% of the total. It is followed closely by the Valencian Community, with 13,630 million in investment (33%), and at a greater distance, the Balearic Islands (5,015 million), Murcia (2,971 million) and the Canary Islands (2,813 million). Spain is the leading European golf destination with more than 1.2 million tourists a year. A total of 283,000 homes belong to foreigners who practice this sport in our country. To this, it is added that this investment is directly associated with an annual recurring expense in Spain since most come at least once a year and 21.49% each quarter.

For older people, it is important to note that the average expenditure per tourist is 3,850 euros and the average daily expenditure is equivalent to 324 euros; and that only a small part of these expenses are made on golf courses: 1 in 8 euros; distributing the rest among other sectors such as: hotels, restaurants, shops and transport, among others

Claudia Hernández, president of the AECG, has commented, “The Covid-19 pandemic generates uncertainty for all economic sectors, including real estate.” The practice of golf, which has a strong roots in Spain, has been a traditional source wealth for our country and that those who come to Spain to practice this sport do so as a long-term commitment, showing commitment and loyalty to this destination.

Gonzaga Escauriaza, president of the RFEG, has indicated, “Tourism is a key sector for Spain and when we recover from this crisis, we will need the involvement of the Administration to continue to maintain our country in a position of world leadership in reception of international golf tourism. Administrations must not forget that investment and visitor spending is greater, contributing to the wealth and well-being of our society throughout the year. Golf is a key sector that must be defended “.

About the Spanish Association of Golf Courses.

The Association is a non-profit business organization created to defend the business interests of the Golf industry and which was founded in November 2015. The Spanish Association of Golf Courses brings together a group of more than 180 golf courses. golf throughout the Spanish territory and it is an Institution with an integrating vocation, which has the intention of structuring the sector by generating added value for its member companies; all kinds of fields coexist in it regardless of their legal makeup:

Sports Associations, Mercantile Societies, etc. About the Royal Spanish Golf Federation. The Royal Spanish Golf Federation is a private non-profit Associative Entity, with its own legal personality and assets independent of that of its associates. It has full capacity to act for the fulfillment of its purposes and is made up of regional sports federations, clubs, athletes, technical-coaches, judge-referees and other interested groups that promote, practice or contribute to the development of the sport of golf within of the Spanish territory.


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